Do you want to express all the emotions hidden in your composition? The multi-genre Unique Orchestra brings a combination of quality, professionalism, and sensitivity of interpretation to your music. We also act as a film orchestra in the field of movie music recording.

We will make sure that the music enhances the impact of your film, soundtrack, commercial, theatrical performance, TV series, or computer game. Do you want your album to sound extraordinary?

We provide a comprehensive recording realization including conductor, arranger, music director, sound engineer and a suitable studio for recording the music.Unique Orchestra records in a variety of configurations – as chamber music with only a few musicians, up to a full symphony-sized orchestra. We can adapt to your requirements and specifics to fulfill your idea in detail.

We will prepare the entire process of the actual recording to post-production, including the possibility of composing your own music for your project.

Do you want original music for your project? Unique Orchestra collaborates with renowned composers and sound engineers. Thanks to this, we can provide complex music production for your project, from the original composition to the final post-production of the recording. You don't have to look any further to hire a studio orchestra for film, TV, commercial or theatre music.

Do you want to hire an orchestra for recording? Unique Orchestra will make your project be great. Contact us.