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Services for movie and game production

Your talent, our support. We'll arrange everything you need to record live music for your movie or video game, whether it's composing and musical accompaniment, arranging, orchestrating, renting a studio or recording the music yourself.
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Music for commercials

Video game or a movie? Leave the music to us!

We provide more than just the rental of a well-equipped recording studio, but also complete production services from the set-up of the music ensemble to the final post-production of the recording. We know the importance of excellent acoustics, technically well-equipped facilities, pleasant environment and a professional team. We work with qualified music producers and directors, composers, arrangers, conductors and sound engineers. Like you, we want your movie or game music to be of the highest standard.

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From movies, to TV shows and video games

Musicians and Music Ensembles

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Why work with Unique Art

Comprehensive services

In addition to studio and recording services, we also offer composing and arranging services and final post-production of the recording. With heart, the highest quality and a professional approach.

Tailor-made ensembles

Chamber ensemble and film symphonic orchestra in full complement. We will fine-tune everything for your project and tailor it to your needs.


Unique album - exceptional musical accompaniment. We approach each project with professionalism, energy and enthusiasm as if it were our own.

Tailor-made music

Composing services, musical arrangements and musical production. We will fulfill your musical wishes to make a unique impression on you and your audience.

Professional approach

Our mission is simple - we want every project to be flawless. A satisfied client is all we care about. Personal approach and fair treatment is a guarantee.


We are a team of professionals. We work with qualified musicians, sound engineers, conductors and arrangers. Just like you, we want your music project to exceed expectations.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of recording services does the agency offer?

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The agency offers a range of services including composing and arranging music, orchestral work, renting a studio, recording movie scores and video game music, final mixing and mastering.

What kind of music ensembles can the agency provide for recording?

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The agency can provide individual artists, string quartets, chamber orchestra and large symphony orchestra or ensembles, and individual musicians for live music recording, depending on the client's preference.

What kind of production services does the agency provide?

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The agency provides complete production services from providing the musical ensemble to the final post-production of the recording. We use state-of-the-art recording equipment and technology to ensure high quality recordings. Our team of sound engineers have years of experience in recording music and we work with the best recording studios to ensure the best possible sound quality.

How important are excellent acoustics when recording music?

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Excellent acoustics are important when recording music as they ensure the sound quality is of the highest standard and the music sounds as the composer intended. The acoustics are also important for the performance of the musicians to make the recording unique in this aspect as well.

How does the agency ensure the recorded music is of the highest standard?

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The agency works with qualified music directors, sound engineers, conductors and arrangers to ensure the recorded music is of the highest standard. The agency also provides well-equipped recording studios with professional equipment, emphasising the requirement that the music is recorded with precision both technically and acoustically.