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Non-classical genres are our forte - enter the world of popular music, movie soundtracks, rock, jazz or musicals.
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Non-classical genres in a unique approach

Unique Orchestra, Unique Quartet, Unique Duo with their exceptional and energetic repertoire will delight your ears with the very best. We also offer a special selection of music programs from other artists we work with. Whether they are themed programs or programs within varying musical genres, each is different and unique.

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Project tailored to your desires

Do you have a specific idea of the kind of music you would like to hear at your concert or event? We will happily prepare a customized musical accompaniment or music program for you. We are no strangers to non-classical genres such as pop, hip hop, electro, funk, rock, jazz or musical and we love to transcend their boundaries. We will fulfill your musical wishes to ensure our performances will leave your audience with unique memories.
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